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We provide debt capital through secured, asset-based financing transactions and seek to deploy $10 million to $50 million per transaction.

Park Cities is led by Principals with decades of experience and success as investors, operators, and advisors.

We take an active approach to working with companies, often providing C-level support and guidance to help our portfolio companies grow and prosper over the long-term.

Park Cities is a privately-held, SEC-registered alternative investment advisory firm.


Park Cities leverages a proven process to originate or invest in loans and other debt-like instruments, providing capital to counterparties across a variety of industries through secured, asset-based financing transactions. Park Cities invests through multiple sleeves of capital, providing flexible debt capital solutions across the capital stack.

Small to medium enterprises and consumers…

Small to medium enterprises and consumers seek flexible financing solutions and on-demand capital.

 Further, they seek sophisticated lenders able to rapidly and reliably execute and close.

We structure transactions through:

We structure transactions through:

Direct Lending SPVs


Credit Services Organizations


Forward Flow/Asset Purchases

Park Cities adds value by:

Park Cities adds value by:

Providing financing when access to
traditional banking relationships is limited


Reaching decisions quickly


Maintaining flexibility with
respect to timing, size of financing,
structuring, and collateral


Partnering with traditional banks

Park Cities opportunistically deploys capital…

Park Cities opportunistically deploys capital by focusing on asset quality focusing on asset quality, structure, coverage, and downside protection. We strive to align our interests with our counterparties’ and to diversify across geographies, industries, and asset classes.

Our Team

Park Cities’ Principals have decades of experience in consumer and commercial lending, extensive corporate finance skills, and significant operating experience. Our comprehensive understanding of the credit landscape enhances our ability to provide creative, flexible solutions while maintaining a conservative approach.

Senior Leadership

Investment Team



July 24, 2018

Press Release

Applied Data Finance Closes $145 Million Financing in Equity and Debt Capital

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